Our Method

If you’ve been on our website for some time, you will have seen that we review bingo services and sometimes list them according to their welcome offer or other features. With experience in the field as players and reviewers, we know what to look for and what makes a strong bingo company. However, you might wonder about our method and how we rate one bingo company alongside another.

How do we rate bingo services? How can you trust our word? Why can you be confident when you see us recommend a specific service? On this page, you’re going to learn the answers to all of these questions!

Independent and Impartial

Firstly, we know the question that most people will want to see answered. Do we receive payment from bingo websites? Do we recommend certain services because they pay us in return? The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘no’. If you see a service recommended, this is because we have reviewed it according to our criteria and found it suitable for our loyal readers. In the reviews, you’ll see all the benefits as well as the potential drawbacks. We actively encourage players to think about their own needs when choosing a bingo website.

We’ve been around the block; we know that some review websites accept compensation for a positive review. For us, this doesn’t make sense because our own success relies on our readers having a fun experience. If we recommend a bad website, you won’t have fun and you won’t return to Bingo Sites (UK).

Therefore, we’re an independent service and this is something we will retain. At Bingo Sites (UK), we have no obligation to any bingo service, and this means we’re free to write honest reviews based on our experience (and nothing else!).

Our Writers

With this in mind, you might be wondering who writes the reviews. Thankfully, you’re in the capable hands of a team of writers passionate about bingo. With the writers playing bingo just like you, they know exactly what you want from a website or app.  We encourage them to play across several websites to gain an understanding of the good, bad, and ugly features in the bingo world.

As before, bingo websites don’t have a say as to what goes into our reviews. Instead, everything comes from the writer and what they feel while testing the platform. You get the honest views of those who have tested the website on your behalf; we do the research and put in the hard hours so that you don’t have to. We trust our writers to create a fair and detailed review, and they create content that reflects the thoughts of Bingo Sites (UK) as a whole.

Updated Reviews and Views

Before we go into our method for reviewing bingo websites, we first want to say that all bingo websites are continually monitored. Have you ever clicked on a product review only to find that it’s seven years old and no longer applicable? We have, and it soon gets frustrating. Therefore, we keep an eye on all bingo websites and update content when required. With this, you can be sure that reviews and comments regarding a bingo website are always up to date.

At Bingo Sites (UK), we’re always looking through older content to make sure it’s still relevant in the current market.

Our Method

How do we judge a bingo website? How do we decide whether or not to suggest it to our loyal followers? Let’s take a look at our method!

1. Bonuses for New and Existing Players

This list is in no particular order, but we want to start with bonuses because they contribute so much to the bingo experience. With heavy competition in this market, it’s normal for bingo services of all ages to offer an enticing welcome offer. If you don’t have much experience with bingo websites, this is the reward you get upon choosing a specific platform and signing up.

However, there’s more to most welcome offers than can be found on the surface. Just because there’s a big number, this doesn’t mean you’re going to get a huge welcome bonus. Often, these offers are weighed down by wagering requirements and other restrictions. At Bingo Sites (UK), we consider all aspects of a welcome bonus and allow you to compare multiple bingo websites on a level-playing field.

Also, we mustn’t forget that we’re only a new player once. After the welcome offer is gone, you’re no longer a new player and need to rely on offers for existing players instead; this is something we consider when rating a bingo site.

2. Security and Licenses

Although not all players think about it, security is another important aspect because we’re entering our personal details and bank information into these websites. Therefore, Bingo Sites (UK) will always check that services have the appropriate license (normally from the UK Gambling Commission) as well as having strong security measures in place. You want to be confident that a bingo website keeps your data secure in the long-term, right?

When it comes to UK bingo sites, there’s a three-tier structure that most websites follow. Customers are offered one of the following:

  • High Fund Protection – At the highest level of protection, all funds are kept in an independent bank account (away from the accounts of the business itself). If the company goes bankrupt, this doesn’t affect your money because it’s held in a third-party account.
  • Medium Fund Protection – At the next level, your money is protected by segregation and insurance. However, the company cannot offer 100% security.
  • Low Fund Protection – With this lowest level, you may not receive funds back after the bingo website goes bust. Instead, they could actually keep your money and use it to pay off debts.

When considering security, we also look at SSL encryption and other measures taken by the bingo website to keep all users safe.

3. Customer Support

In truth, this is an interesting field because the customer support of companies tends to differ from one to another. While some are active 24/7 with live chat, others rely on a phone number and email address. At Bingo Sites (UK), we’re big fans of 24/7 customer support because the online bingo world itself is active 24/7. If you make your games available around the clock, you should have support ready at all times.

We test the customer support of bingo websites for its efficacy, friendliness, knowledge, and other factors. Just because a bingo website has amazing games and a beautiful website, this doesn’t mean we can ignore a poor customer support system.

4. Games and Rooms

Of course, how can we forget the games and rooms available on a particular bingo website? Whether you prefer 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo, or another type entirely, we’ll investigate the list of games and decide whether it’s good enough for casual players or high rollers. As well as the game types, you need to know how many rooms exist and whether the jackpots are worth exploring too.

Don’t worry, our team of writers are experienced players and know the difference between a good game section and a bad one. Rather than just looking, we get involved and test the games. We’ll inform you of any fees, bonuses, and tips for success. By explaining the games that a bingo website has, you can make an informed decision as to whether it’s right for you.

5. Mobile Experience

In our experience, there are two approaches from bingo services when it comes mobile:

  • Create a mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Optimise the website for smaller screens

We know that some players need an app, while others are happy to play on a responsive website on a browser. This should come as no surprise, but we test extensively here. We play on apps, check depositing and withdrawing on mobile, assess whether games are playable and enjoyable, and more. If you value the mobile experience, pay attention to this section of our method.

6. Banking Methods

Next, who wants a bingo website with only one banking method? Nobody, and this is why we assess the depositing and withdrawal methods. For us, a good bingo website has Visa and Wire Transfer alongside plenty of eWallets. Popular eWallets include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, and ecoPayz.

7. Additional Features

We’ve touched on the most important features of our method, but this doesn’t mean we ignore the little things that make a bingo experience even stronger. For example, we pay attention to responsible gambling. We take responsible gambling seriously at Bingo Sites (UK), and we appreciate when a bingo service does the same. Elsewhere, we consider the following:

  • Use of HTML5 for smaller screens
  • Withdrawal limits
  • Software provider and parent company
  • Price of games

There we have it, an insight into our method. When you see a brand recommended by Bingo Sites (UK), you now know the work that goes in behind the scenes. Stick with Bingo Sites (UK) for reliable suggestions and an experienced partner!